Dré DeCarlo’s Style

Dré DeCarlo’s Style

Stylist, Blogger, Dré DeCarlo shows off his sense of style in this collaboration in a plantation yard in Barbados.

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“Confidence is something I’m constantly working on. I struggle with feeling good enough. Always been something I struggled with as a child and into adolescence. Fashion was my escape, my cocoon, my safe place. It still is today. To cope with not being ‘the perfect height’ (I’m 5’5”) or having the perfect body, or when my eczema does serious flare ups. I use fashion to mask. I’m beginning to accept that imperfection is actually more beautiful, meaningful and truthful than perfection. It’s still a struggle, especially when you work in fashion and are constantly surrounded by ludicrous expectations.

No one is me, and that is my strength. The same goes for all of you.”

-Dré DeCarlo


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