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Tom Fisher

Taking a moment to thank a phenomenal photographer, mentor, colleague and human being.
This is a portrait of Tom in my studio, above my workstation, that one we took in Lacoste, by the brown door. I keep it there to remind me of the quiet confidence he gave us all. Thank you Tom, for everything, you remain my mentor and I’ll never forget your kind presence, encouraging us always to experiment, explore, and enjoy our journey.

This portrait that we took together was part of a body of work completed in Lacoste, as my final project at SCAD under Tom’s tutelage. It was used to commemorate Tom’s life during the memorial service at SCAD, in Savannah on the 23rd of February 2019.

By the Brown Door on SCAD Portfolios

This project has become a precursor to a larger body of work that I am focusing on right now. With an interest in personal and perceived identity, elephants and blind men.It began as a small exercise testing the quality of light in a specific spot in th…

Thank you Tom, for everything.

Please see the links below for more information about Tom and his life.

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